photo of a guest speaker.
Photo of speaker Paul Dourish flanked by Jerry Anderson and Frederic Francois.

OCCHI is the local chapter of the ACM special interest group in Human-Computer Interaction (SIGCHI). As a local chapter, it inherits the non-profit status of its parent. The purpose of OCCHI is to build a local network of HCI professionals, faculty, and students in Orange County, California. Our primary aims are:

  • To provide a forum where HCI professionals in the local area can come together to meet and exchange ideas,
  • To gain a better understanding of the type and range of HCI work being conducted in the local area,
  • To gather and provide information about HCI resources and experts available locally, and
  • To learn from the experiences that are reported by external guest speakers. Our meetings are open to both members and nonmembers at no charge.
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